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It started as a question and a Google Search

EnQueer | Sydney Queer Writers’ Festival aims to bring together people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, disabilities, faiths, cultures, and backgrounds at a literary forum which appreciates and acknowledges the power of diversity. Stories and experiences of people with diverse backgrounds truly reflect modern Australian values and the festival seeks to bring them to the fore.


EnQueer’s hugely successful inaugural festival in November 2021 consisted of 17 programs, featuring 65 queer writers and poets, with over 1,300 event attendees. It included addresses from Benjamin Law, Courtney Act, Alex Greenwich MP, and prominent intersectional queer writers from across Australia and New Zealand.


We are excited to return for our 2022 Festival ‘In the Flesh’ where we will be coming to you live and in-person for the first time. We are planning another diverse and exciting line-up -  we will be discussing prevalent themes in queer writing and experiences of queer writers, and dissecting overarching queer themes in literature such as the understanding of intersectionality and the importance of representation. Our 2022 Festival will be supplemented by activities that bring all kinds of people together to celebrate queer culture.

EnQueer's key objectives are:

  • To be the cultural hub for queer writers and queer writing in Australia

  • To provide a platform for queer writers to promote their work

  • To provide a space for queer writers to discuss and debate prevalent themes in queer writing 

  • To celebrate and promote queer Australian writing in NSW and beyond

  • To contribute to making Sydney and NSW a queer cultural hub in Australia

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